Tiffany Jades meeting Black onyx

Another one of a kind:

It's a long golden asymmetrical necklace with green/blue Tiffany jades and black onyx. Tiffany jades, onyx in a long golden asymmetrical necklace. Green/blue tiffany jades and black onyx in a stunning long golden necklace
This necklace is a one of a kind, made in limited edition.

I mounted this necklace  with unique beautiful light and dark faceted Tiffany jades, 18 of which smaller (1,5cm) and paler are separated by a small dull golden jumpring.
On the other side there are 5 bigger and darker ones (2cm).
Among these 5Tiffany jades there are two big black beads; one big faceted black onyx bead (3cm) and a big flat synthetic plate ( 5,5cm x 6cm x 0,7cm).

The length of the necklace as on the picture is 78cm


Chain choker

With all those long necklaces I forgot to update my blog with a short choker I made that I directly sold!
It's a short chain choker bib necklace with short colorful chain strings.

This necklace is made with 5 differently colored small chains: dull pale green, bright purple, dull pale purple, black and bright light blue.
All of them are golden in the middle.
At every 2,5cm there is a golden ring except for the center piece where the distances between the golden rings are bigger.

The length of the necklace as on the picture is 53cm



Summer ended, I just sold one of my last items that I made thinking of the heat of the sun, I called it Tangerine

 It's an orange necklace, actually it's burned orange: a tangerine necklace with silvered interspacers.
Take a bowl, put, two by two, all sorts of different synthetic beads in it ... "string" them  and decorate it all with a chain: there it is a necklace that will transform any dull outfit!

This contemporary style necklace comprises large orange and small yellow and silver colored acrylic beads with silver acrylic interspacers.

The length of the necklace is 88cm.

Oh, and did I mention I Love this song?


Working with fiber

Working with fiber, meeting new ideas...

I was at the haberdasher's for some needles...
On a rack I saw several skeins of colored ribbons: those were velvet ribbons!! Black, red, white, green, brown... they didn't mean anything to me...
but... hidden in the back, there it was: a champagne colored ribbon!!!
And that is how I started to see this necklace!!!

A black and a champagne colored ribben are rolled up, twisted and decorated with bronze and bright golden rings.
My signature, as always, is the asymmetry: the two golden leather flowers on one side of the necklace make it unique.

The length of the necklace as on the picture is 64cm (25'')

Red and raw!

Red and black necklace. Raw coral necklace. Chainmaille chain maille necklace.

Red corals in a black chain chainmail necklace.
To separate the corals I made "knots" of Half-Byzanthine style chainmaille made with dull black and bright golden jumprings.
Every piece of coral is handmade and different from the other. Their sizes go from 1cm x 1,5cm up to the biggest in the middle which is 1,5cm x 2,5cm

Medium long necklace.
The length of the necklace is 70cm


Arty 'hearty' necklace

Heart necklace. I heart you long beautiful chunky necklace. Silver long arty necklace with a heart in the midst of green glass beads. A gorgeous silvered heart statement necklace.

A fantastic designer style necklace, arty & chunky ideal for any neckline.
This is quite a lightweight necklace despite the appearance and is suitable for both day & evening wear.
It is made of 4 thin silvered chains broken up, on one side, with 4 large green glass beads which are 2,5cm x 2cm. In the middle of the four beads is the focal point a big silver heart made of a light silver sheet of 4,5cm x 6,5cm.

Total necklace length is 104cm


The end of summer

Summer ended and I have to say thanks to all you that bought and enjoy my necklaces...

I made this necklace alternating golden beads with black beads and orange ones.
The 18 bright golden beads are a little bit smaller than the colored ones (1cm).
The 8 blue and the 8 orange glass beads are 1,5cm.
On one side there is one big golden bead which measures 3,5cm x 2,5cm  The length of the necklace as on the picture is 84cm.

Also my 'black spot in a golden necklace found a new home'...

This necklace is made with bright golden beads and there are golden and black Half Byzanthine chainmaille style chains and on one side a black colored flower made with very small black beads.
The length of the necklace as on the picture is 72cm

This is a long Chainmaille necklace. The Byzanthine style link chain is handmade with golden and black jumprings.
The necklace is broken up by an "embroidery" or wire wrapping of various red and a few golden beads surmounted by a red heart-shaped stone.


How I stopped losing my keys 2, or find what matters!

I made some other designs for my so called 'cerca-chiavi'

A 'smart' embellishment for a lady's handbag with a beautiful hand-carved squared cream colored mother-of-pearl plate.

The one above was made for a person that likes oriental things, the pendent is made with a hand carved jade stone.
In this case the pendent is an elegant black and white engraved mother-of-pearl plate.

An elegant solution: a chain fastened to one of the two handles. Outside the bag hangs a pendent and at the other end of the chain are your keys.
Pulling the chain outside your hand-bag you get your keys!

This can also be a nice and original present. A birthday, or for Xmas; what about a surprise in an Easter egg? Or instead of a plant or bunch of flowers??
I can personalized each item: colors, initials, for someone who has a particular collection...