How I stopped losing my keys 2, or find what matters!

I made some other designs for my so called 'cerca-chiavi'

A 'smart' embellishment for a lady's handbag with a beautiful hand-carved squared cream colored mother-of-pearl plate.

The one above was made for a person that likes oriental things, the pendent is made with a hand carved jade stone.
In this case the pendent is an elegant black and white engraved mother-of-pearl plate.

An elegant solution: a chain fastened to one of the two handles. Outside the bag hangs a pendent and at the other end of the chain are your keys.
Pulling the chain outside your hand-bag you get your keys!

This can also be a nice and original present. A birthday, or for Xmas; what about a surprise in an Easter egg? Or instead of a plant or bunch of flowers??
I can personalized each item: colors, initials, for someone who has a particular collection...