The end of summer

Summer ended and I have to say thanks to all you that bought and enjoy my necklaces...

I made this necklace alternating golden beads with black beads and orange ones.
The 18 bright golden beads are a little bit smaller than the colored ones (1cm).
The 8 blue and the 8 orange glass beads are 1,5cm.
On one side there is one big golden bead which measures 3,5cm x 2,5cm  The length of the necklace as on the picture is 84cm.

Also my 'black spot in a golden necklace found a new home'...

This necklace is made with bright golden beads and there are golden and black Half Byzanthine chainmaille style chains and on one side a black colored flower made with very small black beads.
The length of the necklace as on the picture is 72cm

This is a long Chainmaille necklace. The Byzanthine style link chain is handmade with golden and black jumprings.
The necklace is broken up by an "embroidery" or wire wrapping of various red and a few golden beads surmounted by a red heart-shaped stone.