What is Azure?

Azure is the name I gave to this new necklace:
 It is a very long necklace, people with an eye for detail will notice a beautiful asymmetry worked with glass beads and a hand painted bead...
 So what is Azure? It's more than just a shade of blue,
It's an unique piece of the ocean that you carry with you...


Green hearted necklace

I never would have thought of working with titanium: and yet it happened!

It's a titanium tube filled with millions of tiny little colored beads ranging from green to black,

with beautiful silvered hearts piece :)

A necklace wholeheartedly made for you!

How I stopped losing my keys

I often used to spend hours searching for my keys in my bag...

This time I needed to get practical: make something classy yet practical that would fix my problem of not finding the keys (or wallet) in my bag:

I call it cerca-chiavi, it might sound like a tong-twister but it simply means key finder in Italian.

Pull the chain and you will have your keys in an instant!

It's classy,

and practical...

I made lots of those, for any occasion, for any bag there is a 'key-finder

Find what matters!!


Simple is beautiful

Beauty lies in simple things...

 that's the thought I got while making this necklace
Strikingly simple, so versatile, so beautifull